Perfect Wedding Videography - Fast, Customized, Hassle Free

Perfect Wedding Videography - Fast, Customized, Hassle Free


Perfect is a pretty bold promise, and we know that at FUMhouse - but that's exactly what we do.

Customize how you want your big day to look and be captured with FUMhouse, with no fuss, a short booking time, and an absolutely delightful customer experience!

Depending on the hours you require, price varies, but as a general guide, here's what you can expect with FUMhouse.

Morning Gatecrash with Same Day Edit
850 SGD

Evening Video with Edits
800 SGD

* Hair, Makeup and Nails is also available should you require - for brides, grooms, bridesmaids, mommies - you name it, you've got it.


Contact Person: LI CHONGWEI JOEL
Mobile: 98268619
Company: FUMhouse Productions
Website / FB:
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